Our Approach

About Us

Founded in 1985, Andreoli & Associates (A&A) has been providing software solutions to the tire and auto service industry for three decades.  Since its inception, the goal of the company has been to provide (customer-driven) quality software solutions with an emphasis on customer service and long term relationships.  Today, many of the company’s clients have been clients for more than two decades.  As a provider of leading-edge solutions, all the company’s software is 100% hosted (cloud-based), which enables rapid application development, a consistent user experience for all clients, and above industry standard responsive technical support.

Located in Huntersville, NC, A&A exclusively serves customers in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. A&A is privately owned, which facilitates the company’s goal of being beholden to its clients, not shareholders.


Our Approach


The Good Guys Pledge…

Good Guys Pledge Fitment – We pledge that we will ONLY recommend our software if we feel it is a good fit for your business.

Good Guys PledgeHonesty – We pledge to NEVER tell you that our software does things that it doesn’t. Does this happen in the industry? You’d be surprised how often.

Good Guys PledgeCommitment – We pledge to work JUST AS HARD to serve you 10 years from now as we do the day you became a customer. Since we have modest upfront fees, no contracts, and no commissioned sales staff, we only benefit if we KEEP you as a customer and serve your needs.