Customer Testimonials

What a few of our customers have to say…

Alyeska Tire

Alyeska Tire (6-Store Retail/ Wholesale, Alaska)
“The ability to access customer data, inventory data, and accounts receivable across all 6 of our retail locations is huge. HITS BPOS helps us operate all our stores on the same page without needing local servers. Being hosted also gives us peace of mind that our data is safe and automatically backed up. We also use HITS Tirelink for our distribution center. We don’t know where we’d be without HITS!” – Don, Manager

Atlantic Tire

Atlantic Tire (3-Store Retail, North Carolina)
“HITS Software meets all of our business needs. Any issues we run into, which are few and far between, they are always there for us. We really appreciate all the great support we’ve received the last 20 years since starting with HITS.” – Anthony, Owner

Big Chief Tire Co

Big Chief Tire Co. (4-Store Retail, Florida)
“It can be a tough decision when changing point-of-sale systems for your business, but we could not have made a better decision, we are so happy with BPOS. Thanks for a top of the line product that is always improving!”
– Reed, Vice President

Dan's Tire Service

Dan’s Tire (2-Store Retail, Utah)
“The software support team is just outstanding, always courteous, and anxious to help.”
– Janet, Bookkeeper


Franklin & Son, Inc (3-Store Retail, Texas)
“HITS Software is more than just a billing or inventory program, it has become a integral tool in our business. HITS is continually improving with added functionality, ease of use, and integration to our local wholesalers. And, with Customer Service that treats you more like family than a customer, HITS is the best choice for our business!” – Reggie, Owner


Gerber Tire & Service Center (Single Store Retail, Oregon)
“We learn something new every day! I cant believe all the things this software can do! Thanks for the Great support, and answering all my questions very quickly!” – Perry, Owner

Hoffman Tire Pros

Hoffman Tire Pros (Single Store Retail, Georgia)
“I would highly recommend Andreoli & Associates. Even if you’re not a computer person, the software is easy to use and the people are very friendly and easy to work with.”
– Rich, Owner

Jones Interstate Tire

Jones Interstate Tire (3 Warehouse Wholesale, AL/FL/MS)
“With 3 warehouses, keeping track of inventory and receivables is critical. The software’s credit management capabilities enable us to efficiently manage receivables and our dealers really like having real-time access to our inventory and the ability to order on-line.” – Cindy, Bookkeeper

Leete Tire

Leete Tire (3-Store Retail/ Commercial/ Wholesale, Virginia)
“Our experience with Andreoli has been nothing short of first class. I have many peers in the industry using Andreoli’s software and all share the same high opinion of the product as well as the company.”
– Jerry, Owner

Maynard and Lesieur Tire

Maynard & Lessueir, Inc. (Retail/ Wholesale, New Hampshire)
“When we made the decision to switch software and began using HITS software for our retail and wholesale needs, we went from the outhouse to the penthouse.”
– Steve, Owner

Pueblo Tire

Pueblo Tires (13-Store Retail, Texas)
“They have earned our business many times over. I am impressed by what they have done and how they do it. They get a strong endorsement and “job well done” from us.”
– Antonio, Chief Financial Officer


Randy’s Tire & Auto (Single Store Retail, South Carolina)
“What an AWESOME program for a tire and auto repair store. ServiceCat is the best feature we have ever used in a POS …and we were with R.O. Writer before. HITS and ServiceCat is much more cost effective than its competition. You can’t go wrong with…. THE ServiceCat!!!”
– Randy, Owner

Safeway Tire

Safeway Tire (2-Store Retail, Ohio)
“Thanks for the fast service!! You guys are the best 🙂 “
– Peggy, Owner

Sawyer Tire

Sawyer Tire & Auto Service (8-Store Retail, Missouri)
“We left Andreoli for what we thought was greener grass on the other side. After 18 months, we came back. That says it all.”
– Karen, Owner

Tires Plus

Tire Plus (5-Store Retail, Minnesota)
“You can actually talk to these guys and they listen. They have made several changes and enhancements based on our requests and needs, changes that other software companies wouldn’t even talk to us about. We are very happy with the software and the customer service.” – Dennis, Co-Owner

Tire Source

Tire Source LLC (Single Store Retail, Hawaii)
“We have been using Andreoli’s software for a long time and still use one of their older products. The fact that they still provide support for a product that they quit selling years ago just says a lot about the kind of company they are. They truly do care about the their customer’s success.” – Rodney, Owner

WW Tire

WW Tire (Division of Waste Management) (Commercial, California)
“Andreoli provided us with customizations that enable our billing department to process internal invoices and statements for our more than 200 service centers. They go above and beyond the call.”
– Vickie, Manager