Regardless of whether your operation is retail, commercial, or wholesaler based, your point-of-sale billing system is the heart of your business. Any invoicing system can be built to be fast, but speed without functionality and flexibility will starve your business of critical information that impacts the profitability of every sale.  The video below provides a sampling of the depth and ease of access to information available with HITS BPOS.

Interested in looking up and ordering parts from your vendors, looking up labor times, retrieving manufacturer’s recommended service intervals, or quick lube capabilities? Make sure to check out HITS ServiceCAT – our parts, labor, and oil change add-on module.

See HITS BPOS & HITS ServiceCAT in Action via Example Ticket Videos!

Watch Example Ticket Videos

Want to see HITS in action? The Example Ticket Video page features a handful of videos showing workorders and quotes being created in HITS. These videos will show the capabilities of HITS BPOS and HITS ServiceCAT at the point-of-sale.